Media Applications

2018 Formula DRIFT Pro Championship Media Applications - Please Follow Steps Below

Applications must be approved prior to attending the event.

Video Applications

Please contact Ryan Sage at for all video applications.

**ROUND 7: SHOWDOWN - September 14 & 15**
Media Applications will close September 7 at midnight. No additional media will be accepted after this date.

Notice: Media Applications will be limited per event. Due to the lack of space at many venues as well as safety concerns we will be limiting the amount of "hot" access for the 2018 Formula DRIFT season.

Step 1 | Choose the event(s) you wish to attend

Step 2 | Fill out your contact details

Incorrect or blank fields could lead to immediate non-approval

Submission of this form does not guarantee accreditation

Credentials will be issued to authorized personnel only for the purpose of providing timely coverage of the event.

All freelance photographers / videographers must be assigned by an approved media outlet

Media Applicants must be over the age of 18 at time of event

All must provide via EMAIL to a letter of intent directly from an editor including:

  • the readership figures
  • amount of coverage to be given for event
  • expected print / online coverage date
  • editorial contact

Media credentials are reserved for media members only and your personal website will not be sufficient for approval

  • i.e. Facebook, Personal Blog, and low traffic ranked sites

Freelance photographers / videographers will be reviewed on a case by case basis included on the application form submitted by the news agency's editor

All photographers / videographers that are shooting for a company, sponsor, or team must provide a letter of intent directly from the company emailed to stating the following:

  • Explanation of usage for the photography / videography captured at the event
  • Event dates scheduled to attend
  • Statement from team resuming responsibility for assigned photographer / videographer for all actions on and off the track

Team photographers may apply for a hard card by contacting

Mandatory fields are marked with *

*First Name:
*Last Name:
Job Title:
Job Classification:
*Work Phone (xxx-xxx-xxxx):
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Company / Media Title: (editorial outlet name - not personal company)
Company Website: (editorial outlet name - not personal company)
Suite/Bldg. #:

Emergency Contact
*Phone (xxx-xxx-xxxx):

Step 3 | Qualifications

Insufficient descriptions will be ignored and excluded. Media that does not follow through will have their media application denied.

Please include the following in an email to with the subject line "Media Application Round X (1, 2, 3, etc...):

  • A description of the coverage intended for the event(s) attending for consideration
  • Type of coverage (i.e. editorial feature, event recap, interview, etc...)
  • Expected date of editorial release
  • Previous coverage of Formula DRIFT for review
  • (Websites only) a recent website analytic report including but not limited to Google Analytics, Compete or Alexa traffic information
  • Any additional information that can be used to qualify your request

Step 4 | Select your media type

Please choose the best field that relates to your outlet - in some cases you may be approved, but will be required to apply for a Formula DRIFT hard card. We will reach out if this applies to you.

Television (provide show name):
Radio (provide station name):
Magazine (provide magazine name):
Newspaper (provide newspaper name):
Website (provide website name):
Team (provide driver name and contact):
Sponsor (provide sponsor name and contact):
Other (please explain):

Step 5 | Select your credential type

Please only apply once per name for either an on-track media credential or an off-track media credential). On-Track media credentials are reserved for working media members with proper equipment. Off-Track credentials will allow access into the venue and specific locations.

On-Track Media Credential. (This applies to photographer and videographer only)
Off-Track Media Credential. (This applies to all media. No track access to "hot" track areas for photography. Note: Formula DRIFT has open access to team paddock.)

Step 6 | Review and Submit

Please check over your fields one last time, then click apply now below. By applying you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.



Welcome to the Formula DRIFT (FD) Series. We thank you for your continuing interest and coverage of our series. FD exclusively retains (or otherwise has the rights to) all broadcast, cable, video and intellectual property rights emanating or derived from its events, including, without limitation, all images, audio, internet content, streaming video or other mediums, whether now or hereafter created FD Property). Credentials for on-site FD coverage by accredited news organizations, teams, sponsors, manufacturers or other third parties are issued by FD in conjunction with promoters working with FD. Media credentials are issued only to personnel on assignment from recognized motorsports or legitimate news outlets.

Any rebroadcast, reproduction or otherwise any use of FD Property, including, but not limited to, filmed, videotaped, audio or Internet related material(s) gathered on-site is prohibited without the express written permission of FD in each instance. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all rights in and to FD Property shall remain the property of the FD.

FD teams may be granted certain non-exclusive, revocable rights to use FD Property for their own non-commercial promotional use, and will be responsible for all base production charges, e.g., research, dubbing and shipping. The foregoing right to use FD Property must be requested in writing and shall be subject to all terms and conditions herein (terms of use), together with payment of the required fee. No footage will be delivered without a paid fee. FD reserves the right to deny a request in its discretion, revoke a license or to change, from time to time, the license fee or any terms of use without liability. All requests should be made in writing to Formula DRIFT Attn: Ryan Sage - - 2161 Gundry Ave., Signal Hill, CA 90755 - fax 562.901.2651. A rate card will be provided on written request.



  1. Video taped, filmed or audio excerpts of a Formula DRIFT Series event may be used only by the news organization, sponsor or manufacturer's representative(s) and solely for news purposes in the recipients regularly scheduled television, radio or Internet programs up to 30 days after the completion of the event.
  2. Highlights from any one Formula DRIFT Series event used for news purposes may not exceed five (5) minutes per hour.
  3. No action footage/highlights of any day's activities of the event may be broadcast until that day's live or taped delayed television coverage by the appropriate rights holder is concluded.
  4. Highlights may not be sold or traded to any other entity (or individual) for any reason. Further, no footage may be inserted in any commercial announcement or sold to any other broadcast or sponsor/manufacturer/team-related entity, agency or individual. Neither this license nor rights granted by FD may be assigned or otherwise transferred in any manner without prior written consent of FD in each instance.
  5. Visual 'courtesy credit' (or "oral courtesy credit" for audio) for at least three seconds must be given to Formula DRIFT and the applicable telecaster or radio broadcaster.
  6. No television station, national network, local cable channel or sponsor/manufacturer may incorporate, superimpose or 'burn in' to any highlight a logo, trademark, advertisement or other graphic without prior written permission from FD.
  7. As the exclusive rights holder, FD is the absolute rights holder of all footage (or audio) obtained at the event site. In consideration for the grant of this license, the station, national network, local cable organization, sponsor and/or manufacturer's related representative(s), upon the request of the FD, will supply a videotape or audio recording of any program incorporating highlights and hereby consents to the use of excerpts from such materials or finished program by FD.
  8. Use of highlights (or otherwise of any FD Property) from any FD event constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions herein contained or as may be amended from time to time, without liability on the part of FD. FD can withdraw permission to the use of highlights as well as video, audio and/or Internet materials by appropriate notice at any time and for any reason.

Photo credentials will be issued to personnel on assignment from recognized and accredited publications or news services. Requests for credentials must be made by the appropriate news outlet, not by the photographer, unless otherwise approved by FD in writing. To be eligible for seasonal hard cards, photographers must work for an accredited media outlet, an affiliated team, sponsor or manufacturer entity that staffs or is involved in at least 75% of the FD races. Photographers are reminded that the FD holds all trademarks and copyrights to its events and as such photos taken or depicting those trademarks and copyrights of an FD event, its venues, drivers, teams, sponsors and trademarks can be used only for news and non-commercial/non-retail promotional purposes, which are in keeping with prevailing moral and ethical standards within the community at large. Any other use must be approved in advance in writing by the FD. Applications for photo hard card credentials must be made directly to Formula DRIFT or The ID Agency and accompanied by a letter on corporate letterhead from the assignment editor of the requesting media outlet. Photo Licensing Rights provide the photographer with a limited, non-exclusive, revocable right to sell photo prints of any copyrighted Formula DRIFT Series event at retail to the general public or in the case of commercial license, to entities using such photography for commercial and/or advertising purposes. Photographers not purchasing Photo Licensing Rights are prohibited from selling images via retail or commercially without first submitting a specific request in writing to the Formula DRIFT Series in advance to arrange a separate license fee pertain to said use.

The Licensee acknowledges that, while the photographer owns the physical (or electronic) photograph and copyright thereto, the Formula DRIFT Series owns, in perpetuity, the intellectual property and copyright to the content of any photography taken at a Series event. Therefore, no sale of such photography would be permitted without a license from the Series.

All other photo credentials will be accredited on a race-by-race basis via the respective Promoter's communications director. Photographers are reminded that pre-race photographers' meetings are mandatory and failure to appear at one of the non-race day or race day meetings will result in revocation of credentials or non-issuance of a photo vest in the discretion of the FD. Failure to adhere to working policies and regulations detailed at meetings may result in loss of credentials and or a revocation of rights. Photographers approved by FD to work in "hot" access zones during the race must wear long pants and closed toed shoes at all times when on track.

The credentialed individual/entity has rights only with respect to photography and has no rights with respect to any other form of media without prior written approval by FD in each instance.

  1. Media credentials will be issued only to personnel on assignment from recognized motorsports or legitimate news Internet sites as determined by the FD in its sole discretion. Coverage obtained in accordance with FD regulations can only be used on the credentialed website. Individuals representing multiple interests must agree to be bound by all applicable FD media regulations.
  2. Internet Media will be eligible for seasonal hard cards if they staff at least 60% of the races on the FD circuit; provide home page coverage the week leading into each FD event including a headline original feature on its site; a headline post-race feature within 48 hours from event finish; original weekly coverage of the series, a link on the opening page to the FD website; and updated results, points standings and schedule within the site; or be among the top 10 sports internet traffic sites. Applications must be made directly to Formula DRIFT and/or The ID Agency and accompanied by a letter on corporate letterhead from the requesting Internet media outlet. All Internet media who do not meet the above criteria may apply for credentials to FD events by contacting the public relations director at each respective raceway.
  3. FD results and related statistics may be distributed in accordance with the following policies:
    1. Video Coverage must be part of the news portion of the Internet service and must not purport to be live, play-by-play or real time coverage from the event.
    2. Scoring information may only appear in the editorial news portion of the licensed Internet site. No scoring information may be used by, sold, given, distributed or otherwise transferred to any party other than the office Internet site without prior written consent from FD.
    3. FD related photographic images may be used on the authorized Internet site for legitimate news coverage only and may be used together with news stories during the days on-site/on-track activities provided that such photographs are not used with other real time information.
    4. The credentialed Internet site only has rights with respect to website media and has no rights with respect to any other media, including but limited to: cellular or wireless devices without the prior written approval of FD.
    5. Under no circumstances, may any highlights be broadcast or otherwise distributed on the Internet or via any other on-line service or computer network without prior written permission of FD.

A maximum of (4) Total Media Credentials can be applied for by any single media outlet, unless prior approval is granted by Formula DRIFT or The ID Agency. Online media is limited to (2) Media Credentials per event, unless prior approval is granted.

Media confirmations will be sent out 2 weeks prior to event applied for. Media applications must be submitted NO LATER than 1 week prior to the event for consideration using this online form.

All media inquiries should be directed to AJ Anderson | Public Relations Manager.

The ID Agency
1375 E. 6th Street, Suite 3
Los Angeles, CA 90021
Email: AJ Anderson –